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Indestructible Military Battlefield Shoes  For Those Who Want to be Indestructible. For the Survivors, For The Fighters, For The Brave, For The Courageous, For YOU!

  • ✔HIGH-QUALITY: Made of high-quality cotton fabric, mesh, and rubber with a metal toe cap. Made with an Anti-slip sole with anti-smashing features, it pretty much guarantees that your feet will be safe under any circumstances when you put these on.
  • ✔CONDITION: Working or walking through tough conditions can cause ankle sprains, achilles pain, tendinitis, plantar fascitis, shin splints and other common injuries. The Indestructible Shoes are made using some of the strongest materials that are used for constructing hardware and equipment. The mesh material with breathable lining and high-quality insole makes this durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear
  • ✔PROTECTS YOUR TOES: If you work in construction, food and retail, transportation, and in many other risky workplaces, this pair of shoes is a definite lifesaver. I mean, it's called "indestructible" after all. Made from premium quality cotton fabric, mesh, and rubber, these shoes are reinforced with a metal toe cap to protect your foot against falling objects and compression while the steel pad shields it against punctures from below.


Color: Green
Size: 12

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