Our History

Our History
Learn about our history:

We like to believe that the purpose and destiny of our company was always controlled by God. Our history is a testimony of the faith that was had to achieve something great and different with its Guide.

In the Year 2022, the E-Commerce revolution was taking place at an accelerated pace and surely the opportunity was waiting for us, without hesitation we took it.

The little people who drive me even more to carry out this dream come true are born.

With great expectations we launched into the E commerce market and "Vencha Sport" was born in USA.

And there we are. Without experience, without much budget, but wanting to consolidate a project. We didn't know what it was, we didn't know what he used on his hands. But if we knew we would be great, we always knew that. And we always knew that it would be with exceptional people, like you.

We believed. We test, we correct, we reinvent. Many people passed by who in one way or another have given life to this story. employees, suppliers, customers. Our eternal gratitude to each one.

"Vencha" invites you to believe in your dreams, because whenever you want you can

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