About Us

VENCHA is a Dominican brand of sports shoes with an innovative concept through its different models, manufactured with the highest quality standards for the satisfaction of its customers.


VENCHA is a sports footwear brand of Dominican origin, with the purpose of innovating in the market with “different” models, manufactured with the highest quality standards for the comfort of its customers. Born from the passion of a young entrepreneur, whose goal is to influence society through fashion, available to everyone.

VENCHA is committed to its clients, who will help the brand to be recognized nationally and internationally.


Our mission is to build a relationship of trust with customers who require comfort and variety in sports shoes for men and women of all ages, offering quality products at fair prices and excellent customer service.


In the future, VENCHA will be a consolidated family business, with professional staff and a strengthened and consolidated organizational process in all areas, which will market nationally and internationally, complying with full customer satisfaction and a policy of responsibility, respect and compliance towards suppliers and employees.


  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Honesty